Post season mailbag

Since the Blackhawks season has come to an end, there are some critical questions that need answered. I’m here to answer them with my last mailbag of the 2013-2014 season.

Ryan from Addison writes:  With what we’ve seen from Coach Q and his understanding of the pulse of this team, has he clearly established himself as the best coach in the NHL?

Courtney Terlecki: I talk about this in one of my video blogs. I do believe that he’s established himself as one of the best coaches in the NHL. Coach Q is the only active head coach with two titles.His regular season points percentage is also the highest in Blackhawks franchise history.  And it really doesn’t look like that will be the end for him. The way the Blackhawks are trending, they’ll continue to be Stanley Cup contenders for years to come.  It’s not just what he’s done overall as a coach, but what he’s done for the Hawks franchise and hockey in Chicago. The Hawks have come a long way since Coach Q has taken over. In his six years coaching the Hawks, they’ve gone to the playoffs every year. The Hawks didn’t make the playoffs the five previous seasons before Coach Q took over in the 2008-2009 season.

Vince from Chicago writes:  Since the Hawks lost in Game 7, would you still consider it a good season because they came back to a Game 7 in the Western Conference Finals, or is it a failed season without winning the cup?

Courtney Terlecki:  Everything feels different when you’re defending a cup.  On most years, making it as far as the Hawks did and coming back from being down 3-1 would be a huge accomplishment.  But when you’re coming off a Stanley Cup victory, being that close and missing it is definitely hard to swallow.  That being said, no it was not a failed season at all.  The Hawks had a lot to be proud of. They ended the season ranked seventh with 46 wins and 21 losses.  Not too bad. They got to see a lot of their young players like Brandon Saad grow and develop. And they made it to the Western Conference Finals and lost in Game 7 by one goal in overtime.  Most teams would call that a successful season.

Jakub from Michigan writes:  At age 32, should the Blackhawks try to trade Patrick Sharp while he still has value?

Courtney Terlecki:  While Patrick Sharp seemed to be missing in the playoffs this year, it’s hard to look past what he continues to do for the Blackhawks franchise.  He had a successful regular season leading the team in goals with 34 and points with 78.  While I think trading him may actually be a possibility and we could gain some young prospects, I still feel like he plays an important part in the Hawks dynamic and core.

Jaclyn from Chicago writes:  What do you think of Coach Q saying Kane and Toews are Hawks top priority?

Courtney Terlecki:  I think that we all knew this was going to be a big priority.  Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews have both been critical players in the Hawks Stanley Cup wins as well as just our playoff success in general.  If we want to continue to dominate as a team, it’s pivotal that we keep our core team.  I’m glad that they’re making it a priority, and it will be interesting to see what Kane and Toews ask for.

Thanks for the questions, and as always feel free to send me any of your questions here or @coco_terlecki  Until next season!


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